Aon Modern Survey Employee Engagement Analytics Software UX/UI Redesign

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1. Filter, Compare, Combine, Export.

Project Goal

Redesign the fundamental way that users filter and compare data plus how they export and present their findings to their teams. One of the biggest findings we had in our research was that users were increasingly confused about where they could filter or compare their data. The UI was not informative or centralized for handling these types of questions. This redesign put everything in one place and allowed for filters to follow the user throughout the platform in order to reduce rework.

My Role

Work with our users in order to understrand their pain points in and reimagine an integral piece of our platform. Involved from the initial user research, I worked closely with the executive team iterating on prototypes and running user testing sessions both internally & externally. I was also involved in the front end development and selling of the solution to our sales and operations teams. Yes, that is even my voice on the video. We created this video in order to share our progress with our users and allow sales to show clients that we were listening.

Dashboard Filters and Segments Redesign

Analytic Dashboard Filter Design
Analytic Dashboard Filter UX/UI Design Stylequide

2. Export your report

Project Goal

The other biggest user issue we found in our research was the fact that they desperately missed powerpoint exports. Yes, you heard that right! People actually missed powerpoint exports.

My Role

We designed, tested and build not only an export flow, but the actual PPT export and also an operations admin panel to set up these exports for clients. Below is a video explaining.

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